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Magnus by FloorMuffler

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Magnus by FloorMuffler®

Magnus is FloorMuffler’s line of magnetic flooring supplies for sustainable flooring installations. Using IOBAC’s patented Dual Grip technology, the Magnus product line combines dry tack adhesion with magnetism for an outstanding grip!

The magnetic properties of Magnus products eliminate the need for messy adhesives when installing floor coverings. Without an adhesive, floor coverings can easily be removed and reused in other installations. Damaged planks can be replaced without affecting other elements of the flooring system. The ease of swapping out planks allows for the combination of different floor coverings, creating truly unique spaces.

The Magnus product line consists of three products: an underlayment, tabs that are affixed to the underlayment, and tabs that are used to affix areas rugs to hard surfaces.

Say goodbye to single use flooring

FloorMuffler® Magnus™

A high-performance acoustical underlayment that combines the proven XLPP foam technology of FloorMuffler with magnetic technology.

Magnus Tabs™ by FloorMuffler®

With a magnetic finish on one side and an acrylic-based adhesive on the other, Magnus Tabs cleanly and securely affix carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, planks and woven vinyl tiles.

Magnus Rug™ by FloorMuffler®

Suitable for use on all hard surface flooring. Magnus Rug kits hold area rugs and mats strongly and securely in place, with no slipping, sliding or lifting.

How to use

Prepare sub-floor in accordance with standard requirements. Ensure that the subfloor is clean, dry, and free from loose particles.
Start in a corner and install the floorMuffler® Magnus parallel to the wall.
Roll out the next roll of floorMuffler® Magnus in the same manner, making sure that the foam seams are butted together.
Remove the adhesive liner and adhere the foam to the film overlap.
Unwind the roll of Magnus Tabs and peel individual Magnus Tab off film liner.
Adhere one corner of the carpet or vinyl tile to cover one quarter of the adhesive side of the Magnus Tab.
Repeat with 3 other tiles such that the Magnus Tab is entirely covered.
The Magnus Tabs should be placed wherever a tile meets another. Make sure that all tiles are in tight contact with each other with no gaps.
Square tiles
Follow the Magnus Tabs recommended configuration according to your flooring type and design.
Staggered pattern
Corner planks