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Quality Flooring Underlayment for Contractors

Build houses that feel like home

The most important thing for any new homeowner is comfort. As a contractor, you’re not just tasked with putting up four walls and a roof. Your biggest ask is to make sure that the house, condo or apartment you’re building feels just like home for your buyers. The premium acoustic performance and protection of FloorMuffler underlayment helps you deliver that comfort. Underlayment is a critical piece of any flooring assembly, but not just any product will do. FloorMuffler is specifically designed for excellent acoustic performance, providing a moisture barrier and protecting the integrity of your flooring systems. You can trust FloorMuffler to provide the quality that customers expect from your homes, and the comfort they want in theirs.

Creating Comfort Through Acoustics

Installing low-quality underlayments may help your flooring assemblies acoustically and protect against moisture to some degree. However, too many underlayment options provide minimal performance in these areas. This can lead to problems as soon as a homeowner moves in, causing issues they’ll be dealing with for years.

Low-quality underlayments are typically going to deliver a weak acoustic performance. This might not seem like a big deal, but future homeowners and building residents will absolutely be able to hear the difference – and it’s endlessly frustrating. The smallest sounds end up carrying and echoing across the house. Footsteps from upstairs neighbors sound like cannonballs, and the TV down the hall sounds like a movie theater.

A premium quality underlayment like FloorMuffler provides the best acoustic performance for through-the-floor and reflective noise, helping to deaden much of the noise and create a comfortable living space for your residents.

Protect Flooring From Damage

FloorMuffler also improves the lifespan of your flooring, providing a much greater degree of protection than other underlayments made from lower-quality material.

Moisture and subfloor irregularities both pose a big threat to flooring systems over time. Moisture can cause warping, and subfloor irregularities can cause damage to the locking systems or transfer minor subfloor imperfections to the flooring surface. If this happens, the flooring will eventually have to be ripped and replaced all over again. You might think you don’t have to worry about that, but you want your customers to know they’re getting quality and reliability in every nook and cranny of their new home.

FloorMuffler’s excellent moisture protection ratings help prevent that, preserving the entire flooring assembly for years to come. Whether you’re building a new condo complex or renovating a home, your customers can trust they’re getting maximum lifespan and protection out of their flooring.

  • Comfort And Quality

    Reduce noise and echoes that travel across your flooring assemblies.

  • Reliability

    Protect against moisture, compression and other causes of damage.

  • Easy to Install

    Available in lightweight rolls with adhesive strips, making it quick and easy for you to install.

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You can trust FloorMuffler to provide the quality that customers expect from your homes, and the comfort they want in theirs.