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The single source of high performance floor underlayments.

Each of our products has been designed to protect your floors…
and your peace of mind.

Underlayment? What does it mean?

Underlayments provide support for the locking system of your flooring and can help address minor subfloor imperfections of your subfloor.

High performance underlayments like Floormuffler will improve the acoustical performance of your flooring system, will provide additional thermal properties and will protect your flooring from water vapor.

Benefits of using a High Performance Flooring Underlayment

  • Protect your floors

    An underlay with high compression strength helps protect the integrity of your flooring (locking systems)

  • Add Thermal Properties

    Improves the insulation value of your flooring system (known as R-Value)

  • Reduce Noise

    Improves the Acoustic Performance of your flooring system – IIC, STC, Delta IIC

  • Moisture Protection

    Provides a moisture barrier to control the passage of water vapor from the subfloor to your flooring

  • Easy to Install

    Just roll the product and use the UltraSeal to tape the seams.

Which flooring underlayment to choose?

The selection of the right underlayment depends on different factors, such as the type of floor covering, the type of subfloor and the desired performance of your flooring system.

Find out which is the ideal underlayment by selecting the kind of floor in your home.

  • Hardwood floor Select

    For Use Under Laminate, Engineered & Hardwood

  • Select

    For Use Under Luxury Vinyl & Rigid Core

  • porcelain ceramic tile flooring Select

    For Use Under Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

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